«I started with seeking for Power but found nothing.

Then I was looking for God but found nothing.

After that I was searching for my Self but found nothing either.

Gradually my quest for Power, God and my Self converged.

But again, I found nothing.

When I ceased seeking for anything, NOTHING found me.

And now there is only NOTHING, comprising Power, God and my Self as ONE WHOLENESS.

This Wholeness is self-conscious “something”, which is customarily called CONSCIOUSNESS.

All that exists is THAT and nothing else

Evgeny Bagaev

All there is is One Wholeness. In various cultures this Wholeness is customarily referred to as God, Consciousness, Truth, Non-duality, What-Is, Self and so forth. But regardless of the name That does not change in any way. It IS and It is the way It is, encompassing all the diversity of phenomena appearing in our perception.

Man is not something that is separate from this Wholeness. All that occurs to Man is part of one happening, which may be called Single Universal Life.

Life unfolds as it unfolds, and all happens as it happens. That’s the way things are, and nobody can do anything about that. One can only understand and accept that fact. But even the acceptance of that is merely an illusion, because What-Is will stay unaffected by your acceptance or non-acceptance. And that means that what remains is understanding only, which may happen spontaneously as an act of that Single Whole. This Understanding is pure Awareness, One Single Consciousness which primordially exists. This is What-Is, the only reality. All the rest is an illusion with the one who understands or accepts being as illusionary as everything else.